XPGroup are committed to practicing social responsibility

Supporting Those Who Need it Most

Our team are passionate about supporting the local and wider community through charitable initiatives and fundraising.

One charity we’ve been working with over the years is Ben, a charity dedicated to supporting the people of the automotive industry. Ben provides support for life for them and their family dependents.

XPGroup have been working with Ben since 2017, participating in a number of charitable events to raise money for their work. We’ve been continuously raising money on behalf of the Ben charity over the years, helping to support their mission to empower automotive employees in making positive, lasting change.

Ben is a charity that supports and empowers people within the automotive industry to be more in control of managing their health and wellbeing. The automotive industry is a vital part of the UK’s economy and everyday life, meaning that it’s absolutely vital that we support those who work as part of it. As a responsible business, we’re passionate about supporting the Ben charity and everything it does for this industry.

Make a difference

Our Pledge to Support the Ben Charity

We’re so pleased to be supporting Ben for the third year running, and look forward to extending our partnership with them as our chosen charity into the future.

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