The XP Way

A group of individuals coming together behind a common goal: to innovate

Our Vision

At XPGroup, it’s our vision to achieve market leading growth by delivering an unrivalled customer experience with innovative deployment of technology and new products and services.

Since the beginning, we’ve envisioned excellence within the automotive and technological industries. We strive for innovative development, promoting unparalleled growth within our teams and individuals, helping them to achieve the very best in their fields.

We’re also hugely passionate about our customer service and commitment to people and innovation. The commitment to our employees is reciprocal in the extremely high levels of service we give to our customers, which in turn gives us a distinct competitive advantage.

Our Values & Behaviours

The XP Way

We’re Proud To Be Different

Creativity and innovation are at the core of our working practice and development, aligned with clear direction on how we can create value at every stage of working with our clients and partners.

A Unique Brand Experience

We connect people to a unique experience that delivers results, not promises. We believe in practicing what we preach, meaning we create engagement and innovation at every step of the way..

Building Connections And Trust

Not only do we deliver a high level of customer service, but we do it all with a distinctive, personal approach. Our team are committed to ensuring clear communication during your entire experience with us.

How We Work

We are dynamic in everything we do in our vision and values at XPGroup.  Across every step of the process, we’re proactive in achieving results, driving innovation and delivering unparalleled levels of customer experience.

We also deliver our service with an unmatched level of passion and drive. Each and every member of the XPGroup team is an expert in their respective field, bringing with them experience and a passion for what they do that’s clearly evidenced in our delivery.

We expect our employees to work together, understand our customers, embrace innovation, act with integrity and discipline, aspire to high quality standards and take personal responsibility for what they are accountable for. 

“Business is so much more than a group of individuals simply coming to work each day. Our business is about people, individuals with flair, people who are not afraid to try new things, not afraid to fail but prepared to do what it takes to succeed. Our Group DNA is characterised by our unbreakable desire to demonstrate what can be achieved by a group of individuals coming together behind a common goal: to innovate.”

Oliver Woodmansee – CEO XPGroup Holdings

Who We Are

We’re proud that, within XPGroup, there are many mediums for personal development within all of our organisations. We actively promote personal and professional growth, and believe that a personal, dedicated service is the way forward to success within the automotive and tech industries.

Our commitment to our employees within all areas of XPGroup means they’re able to provide a high level of service and utilise their expertise to its full advantage, giving us a distinct competitive advantage.

Corporate social responsibility is also important to XPGroup, which is why we work in partnership with the regulated automotive charity, Ben.

A Sustainable Future

Integral to the XP Value Proposition is to clearly socialise our Environmental commitments and enable our employees to understand their responsibility for fulfilling them.

To drive direction and momentum throughout our organisation and inspire employees, an internal working party has been launched with a specific focus on reducing our impact on the environment.

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