XPGroup Holdings takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously. We recognise environmental protection and in particular climate protection, is where we should make an important contribution. 

At XPGroup Holdings, our commitment is to develop an industry-leading environmentally sustainable network:

  • Our teams are motivated and trained to behave in a responsible environmental manner throughout the daily activities.
  • Ongoing communication to all stakeholders within our business as well as our external contractors, reporting on our performance and new initiatives.
  • Delivering compliance with national and international environment regulations as a minimum, using voluntary best practice principles whenever possible, such as ISO 14001 and the UN Global Compact’s Environmental Principles. 
  • Working with our colleagues, customers and business partners alike, we take all reasonable measures to prevent and minimise any negative impact on the environment whilst reasonably manage those that cannot be easily eliminated. 
  • With the implementation of improved efficiencies, we will systematically measure our environmental performance within our organisation, through innovations in technology, aiming for continuous improvement. 
  • As an integral part of our business strategy, environmental protection is designed as a long-term value; becoming important in the way we evaluate our activities and performance.

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